Our Guiding Principles

M.M.Warburg & CO is an independent private bank. Its guiding principles are binding for all companies in the Warburg Group; they are essential for ensuring the high quality of all services. Our actions are defined by the words of Dietrich Bonhoeffer:

“The proper attitude toward life is reverence for the past and responsibility for the future.”

The Goals and Limits of Our Actions

Our goal – for all clients as well as the companies in the Group and their employees – is to create lasting value. We will continue to maintain the independence of M.M.Warburg & CO and the Group in the future as well.

We do not take every risk possible – we limit our actions in this respect. We act with consideration and are therefore more restrained. Our own risk positions contain products that have been reviewed and that we thoroughly understand.

M.M.Warburg & CO and its subsidiary companies primarily conduct their business in Germany and in other German-speaking countries. They have locations in these markets and are in direct contact with their clients.

Precepts for Acting

Partnership and independence: mutual trust is the basis for all that we do. We see ourselves as a partner for our clients. We are committed to helping them to successfully realize their goals and wishes. We are independent of institutional influences. Our internal independence is the prerequisite for acting successfully on behalf of our clients. It is the basis for transparency in action, open-mindedness, and acceptance of new ideas – and it sets a clear limit to unbridled greed.

Confidentiality and reliability: our clients can rely on the discretion and restraint of our employees. Reliability and dependability are prerequisites for trusting business relationships that last for generations.

Truthfulness and stability: even truths that are unpleasant have to be discussed in order to avoid or clear up disagreements. The bank strives to abide by the principle of “more substance than style.” With a view to stability, the bank is not necessarily interested in quick success; it seeks continuous growth and long-term earnings, but not at any price: we seek to strike the right balance and utilize resources and the environment in a sustainable manner. In line with what’s important to you, the bank has a sense of social and cultural obligation. It meets this obligation in an appropriate and discreet manner.

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