Subsidiary banks

While Warburg Bank and its offices and branches largely focus on traditional private banking in major German cities, its subsidiaries are more highly specialized.

For example, the family office at Hamburg’s Marcard, Stein & Co. provides advice regarding family assets. With its full banking license, Marcard, Stein & Co. offers its clients a full range of bank products and services. M.M.Warburg & CO Hypothekenbank in Hamburg focuses on the traditional mortgage business. It also serves as the real estate center of competence within the Group.

The core business areas of M.M.Warburg & CO Luxembourg are the administration of third-party managed investment funds, support for institutional clients and independent asset managers, private client business, and asset management.

Parent bank M.M.Warburg & CO, with its head office in Hamburg, primarily concentrates on private banking, asset management and investment banking.

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